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History of Scott's Country Market

The main part of the store 19 Main Street was built in 1902 and was opened in 1903 as a meat and grocery store. The upstairs was used as a smokehouse in addition to making sausage and scrapple. The dry celler was used to store the winter supply of potatoes.

In 1983, Bob and Ho Scott became the 5th owners of the store.

In 1986, they purchased 21, 23, and 25 Main Street and expanded into buildings dating back to 1772. These locations housed the post office, New Egypt Press, the library, a hardware store and an ice cream parlor over the years. Upstais was occupied by a dentist and an insurance office.

In December 2004, Scott's closed for six weeks to completely remodel their entire building. Included in that remodeling was a new retail store in the building at 23 Main Street and expandsion of their prepared foods section. They also added indoor and outdoor bistro seating.

Pictures of most of the buildings on Main Street was well as other parts of New Egypt dating back as far as the 1860's can be found on display in Scott's Country Market.

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